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Sunday, October 2, 2011

hey girls! I had a few problems with my internet connection this weekend, but now the form is officially closed! I'm going to be counting everything to order most likely until the middle of this week...
I heard that there's an online shop selling the Hits collection for $10 each and reasonable shipping...
I really need to know if anyone else is dropping off the group buy, so I don't get stuck with all those polishes :)
please comment here if you want hard feelings! ;)
otherwise I'll just assume you still want them, okay?

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  1. If you get stuck with polishes, I will buy them, no problem. Seriously. I didn't get in on this because I am trying to not expand my stash too much, but if I *have* to buy them so you don't suffer the expense, it's like a sign from the universe I'm meant to have them. :)