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Monday, November 28, 2011

I am a tool. 15 weeks???? I'm pretty sure I meant 15 days instead!
I have one solution and would like to know what you all think. for those in the US, I can ship all the Hits now, and the Luduranas later.
for those outside US, the same, or you can wait a bit more, since there aren't many distributors out there.

I have already shipped two or three orders that required separate shipping, and were Hits only orders.

If you decide I should ship all Hits now, I can probably do it by the end of the week. let me know!

(anyone knows how can I post a poll here? lol)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

you are all so great! <3 thanks for bearing with me!
I'm really really overwhelmed with work and college right now but will do my best to send out packages that won't split shipping and are all Hits, my swaps and everything until Saturday!
if I'm forgetting something, please send me a message or sth like that!
also...I heard Luduranas will resume production within 15 weeks (for the backordered ones) so hopefully we'll see them soon!
also, I wanted to share this:
Extra polishes I have bought! (the RAOK ones)
I think I still have to buy 10 or 15 more, but there they are...hope you like them!

and thanks again for the patience! :DD

Saturday, November 19, 2011

well, you all want shipping info and I can't give you that if not everyone has paid. I will send PM's on MUA for everyone who hasn't paid yet, and if they don't answer by Thursday, they are out (though I will still have their polishes :\)
I'm expecting Luduranas for the next week, hopefully, so I will be able to ship everything soon! :DDD

so sorryyyy!!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

updates, as requested!
A few people haven't paid yet; therefore, I can't calculate shipping yet.
Also, no words yet on the rest of Ludurana orders (there were 3 backordered) so I'm still waiting...
all Hits are here, and I'm already separating the orders of everyone who's already paid. if your order doesn't have Ludurana and you don't want to split shipping, I will try to send it to you by Friday!

also...I just got a job! :D that is aweeesome, as I will have money to buy more np! lol
but it also means that I'll only have weekends to organize everything, seeing as I'm still in college and I study at night. I really apologize for taking so long, but there are things that just aren't in my power.

Finally, everyone who has ordered 6 or more bottles will receive a random extra polish :)
(this is something I can only do on weekends as well - polish hunting :( )
- if you are doing a group order, let me know how many girls are in there!)

don't worry, everything will be sent, either by me on Saturdays, or my mom or sister on week days! If anyone wants to, feel free to ask me for a photo with your order so far (without the Luduranas) ^^

that's it!
thanks, again, for the patience!



Friday, November 4, 2011

YAAAY I just bubble wrapped the first paid order :D now there's only a LOT more to
wish me luck!

polish porn, because someone requested it :)
I'm opening the Hits one by one to see if there are any wonky brushes T__T'

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Hits have arrived :D

YAY! I will be receiving them tomorrow, so it'll take a few days to count everything and start separating orders! I still have to go buy the extras everyone ordered too!
I believe I have invoiced everyone already; if you haven't received one, please check spam, and if it's still not there, email me please :)
also, a lot of people have already paid, but there are others that didn't; I ask to please pay it as soon as possible, because otherwise I won't be able to send everything together for the distributors, and shipping would be higher! :)
thanks so much for all of your patience! :)