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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

hey girls! just wanted to let you know that I'll invoice everyone as soon as I get confirmation of the order! we're still working on it because apparently Ludurana wasn't prepared enough, due to expensive pigments and stuff...
thank you everyone for your patience!



ps: can you please keep your eyes out for ChG Spellbound for me? :) I lost one last week on a blogsale and I'm devastated...I've been checking ebay, muablogsales, polishsale and maccosmetics but no luck yet. thank you again!


  1. I don't remember now if I ever filled out the form D: I know I'd talked to you about it and how I wanted to order the one boreale that looks like turquoise opal and have the group rate shipping, but I don't remember kmfilling out the form :(

  2. hey Amanda...please send me an email on with your name, MUA username, paypal email and order and I will try to put you in it :D

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