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Sunday, December 11, 2011

so this is what's happening: I'm going to find someone to whom I can ship all of the Hits this week. and I will refund all Ludurana multichrome orders. I am really really sorry for all of the hassle but I really don't want to have any more trouble with this Ludurana thing. I know I brought it on myself, but it's more than I can handle and I am sorry.
Refunds are going on right now.


  1. No worries, Hits are better than nothing! It isn't your fault, it is Ludurana's poor production. -Samantha

  2. You had no way of knowing it would happen, therefore it cannot be your fault. You've been nothing but informative and accommodating throughout this entire process, and if anyone blames you or gets mad over the Ludurana's... shame on them. You've done your best and that's all you can do!

    Thanks a million & take care.

  3. Is there any update on this?

  4. I have already recieved my refund for the luduranas and am waiting for shipment info on my hits polishes, also had a rivka and hope that comes too.