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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Information on the Brazilian polishes


Hits - 6mL
Holographic collection: $6.50 each (13 colors)
Flakies collection: $4.50 each (12 colors)
Verniz Balada (the nail polish that glows under black light! - picture here): $2.50 each

Holographic collection: $8.50 each (10 colors) - 10mL
Mood polishes (they change color when under UV light - sunlight): $8.50 each (5 colors) - 15mL

Ludurana - 8mL
Holographic collection: $10 each (6 colors)
Multichrome collection: $10 each (6 colors)
Flakie collection: $3.00 each (7 colors)

btw, I KNOW Luduranas are very expensive, but I really can't get around them no more...they are being sold at a ridiculous price! IMHO, they are worth it, though...even my father liked to stare at my nails this morning! besides, they aren't too sheer...2 coats will do for most of them, and you can always layer them :)

I won't be able to sell them at wholesale prices because I will be "losing" money in two ways: first when you pay me via Paypal (PP fees) and later when I transfer the money from my PP account into my bank account. I am really sorry about this, but it is necessary so I won't have to pay money from my own pocket to sell you these. I am not looking for profit, but I need a small margin due to shipping materials as well as Paypal fees. Thanks for understanding!



Holographic Collection:
Zeus: black holo
Apolo: blue holo
Hera: teal holo
Poseidon: sky blue holo
Dionísio: purple holo
Héstia: lilac holo
Ares: red holo
Atena: fuchsia holo
Afrodite: pink holo
Demeter: orange holo
Hermes: gold holo
Artemis: silver holo
Hefesto: holo top coat

pictures here and here. comparison photos here.

The colors with the most holo effect (to me) are: Poseidon, Hefesto, Hera, Atena and Zeus ;)

Flakies Collection:
Twist: blue base with green/blue flakies
Tango: black base with orange/green/blue flakies
Fox Trot: purple base with orange/blue flakies
Can Can: darker purple base with green/blue flakies
Hula: red/orange base with orange/red flakies
Flamenco: red base with red/orange/gold flakies
Salsa: pink base with orange/pink flakies
Samba: green base with green flakies

Cha-cha-cha: clear base with gren/orange flakies
Lambada: clear base with green/orange/emerald flakies
Jazz: clear base with emerald flakies
Valsa: clear base with turquoise/blue flakies
pictures here



Holographic Collection:
Esplêndido: silver holo
Notável: charcoal holo
Magnífica: blue holo
Supremo: purple holo
Maravilhosa: pink holo

pictures here.

Multichrome Collection:
Show: dupe to Ozotic Pro 505 and SH Turquoise Opal. Flashes pink, red, blue, green and gold.
Reluz: dupe to Ozotic Pro 506 and SH Garnet Lapis. Flashes purple, blue, magenta, red and green.
Fascinante: dupe to Ozotic 502 and SH Amber Ruby. Flashes gold, green gold, copper, red, red pink.
Admirável: dupe to Ozotic Pro 503. Flashes green, gold, emerald, blue and teal.
Espetacular: swatches not available yet. I wasn't able to see it for myself there so I can't tell what it looks like.

photos here.

Flakies Collection:
Arco-Íris: clear base with multi colored flakies (green, blue, orange, red, gold...).
Chuva: yellowed base with red, yellow and blue flakies (blue being the predominant color).
Trovão: clear base with blue and green flakies.
Relâmpago: darkish base with multi colored flakies (green and blue being predominant over the others).
Sol: clar base with orange and red flakies.
Flash: clear base with green, yellow and orange flakies.
Vento: purpleish base with green and blue flakies (green being the predominant color).

pictures here.



Holographic Collection:
Samantha: dark blue holo (the holo effect doesn't show much)
Miranda: silver holo
Carrie: pink holo
Charlotte: lilac holo
Lilly: blue holo
Georgina: magenta holo
Vanessa: green gold holo
Blair: coral holo
Jenny: charcoal grey holo
Serena: green/teal holo

pictures here, here, here

UV Mood Collection: (changes color when under UV light - i.e. sunlight)
Aria: purple
Emily: green
Spencer: blue
Hanna: pink
Alison: yellow

they all have white bases; see pictures here, here and here.
no swatches available yet.

soo....after seeing everything, think about it for a while, okay? I'll open the form (probably) on Thursday!

see ya!


  1. How much would shipping be if I ordered some from you to be shipped to the US 95363?

  2. I'd have to know how many polishes you want. probably between $23 and $27!

  3. Hey - I am apparently stupid and cannot find the form to place my order. :( Can I have the link please?

  4. Hi, I want to know how much postage would be to Hong Kong for 3 bottles of Hits please?

  5. Hello i live in france, you know where i can get hera holographic collection??

    my site:

  6. Hey Anom, they area available only in Brazil, at this time!

  7. Hi, how much would cost the shipping for France if I buy:
    Ludurana: show, reluz, fascinante
    Hits: Hera, Apolon, Ares

    Sorry I didn't find a contact form
    Thank you

  8. Hello I want to order 2 bottles of Verniz Balada and 1 of the Apolo: blue holo. I live in the United states and the area code is 43311. Can you tell me how much this would be thanks :)