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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

you are all so great! <3 thanks for bearing with me!
I'm really really overwhelmed with work and college right now but will do my best to send out packages that won't split shipping and are all Hits, my swaps and everything until Saturday!
if I'm forgetting something, please send me a message or sth like that!
also...I heard Luduranas will resume production within 15 weeks (for the backordered ones) so hopefully we'll see them soon!
also, I wanted to share this:
Extra polishes I have bought! (the RAOK ones)
I think I still have to buy 10 or 15 more, but there they are...hope you like them!

and thanks again for the patience! :DD


  1. So if we had Ludranas in our order we won't get them for that long? Just trying to clarify. Thanks for doing this!!

  2. Sent you an email...I ordered only Hits and am a solo shipment. Thanks! Lisa aka bluflax on MUA

  3. Great haul!!
    Can't wait to have them! You are waitind the ludurana to send the shiping bill?

  4. Mah,

    Can you tell us which Ludurana are back order? I wonder if some of my order are back ordered.


  5. Have ANY packages been sent out yet?

  6. this is very concerning...those of us group orders who have ordered only Hits and NOT Luduranas will now have to wait another 15 weeks? I'm just wondering if I read that right. I appreciate all of the hard work you've put in to taking this enormous task on, truly! But seeing as I've already paid for my polishes, I am feeling a bit disappointed by this. :(