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Saturday, November 19, 2011

well, you all want shipping info and I can't give you that if not everyone has paid. I will send PM's on MUA for everyone who hasn't paid yet, and if they don't answer by Thursday, they are out (though I will still have their polishes :\)
I'm expecting Luduranas for the next week, hopefully, so I will be able to ship everything soon! :DDD

so sorryyyy!!!


  1. You definitely don't have to apologize for something that is not your fault. I would be willing to buy a couple of extra polishes if you ended up having extras, by the way. I'm sure it is very frustrating to have a bunch of people constantly asking you the answer to a question you are also always asking yourself. Thank you for doing this for everyone. I really appreciate it.
    LaurynT87 (Lauryn)

  2. If you end up having some extras, I wouldn't mind buying a couple << just shoot me an email and we can work something out. I hope everything goes well!

  3. I agree with Lauryn above...I can't believe some people ordered and haven't paid yet. I hope they have a good excuse and they didn't just back out, that is so rude.

  4. Mah, if you have some Lurdurana multi chromes left over, I will buy some from you. Let me know, ok? Just email me at

  5. Don't worry about it Mah, you're having to coordinate a HUGE order and juggle a ton of other demands, let alone deadbeats who aren't paying! I too can purchase extras if you end up with some. If you post them on your blog once you know how many deadbeats and extra polishes yo uend up with, I bet you'll have a bnch of takers. :)

  6. Please dont say sorry. You are the one helping us. I hope the unpaid people will pay you soon. Otherwise, open the NPs up to others at MUA for a few days to unload them, so you don't get stuck with them. I am sorry you have to deal with such.