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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hits holos MUA group order!

Hi lovely NBers! :) Please read everything, okay? ^^
I have a lot of people interested in the holos and I have never done a group order, so any suggestion is greatly appreciated!

Firstly, the polishes: Hits holographic collection, called "Hits no Olimpo". They are named after greek gods and there are 13 colors in it.

I suck at describing colors, but I can tell you that Hefesto is supposed to be a holo top coat, instead of a white holo like Light as a Feather!

Hits polishes come with 6 mL in a roundish bottle! They will retail for ~$6.50. I know, it's expensive, it's too little volume...but if you think about it, it's kinda the same as Glitter Gal holos, isn't it?
oh, and I think they are not B3F, just so you know...

EDIT: The company has just stated that this collection will be core! :DDD
They will be released at our version of Cosmoprof in September 10th, and I'll be able to go! If I have a lot of orders, I can buy wholesale and knock off a dollar of the value....also, yours would be guaranteed because I wouldn't have to chase them around :)
I think each box comes with 6 polishes. If I buy the whole collection it would be 78 polishes/6 collections. I can also buy more of one particular color if you guys like them more.

So, $6.50 for each polish. how about shipping, you ask?
well, I know shipping to the US is $23 under 500g and $27 under 1kg. I think these won't be as heavy because they are not big, but I'll have to check how many I can fit in one box!
Shipping to other places will have to be checked later but I warn you: it is most probably not cheap.
There are girls who will be acting as distributors in US! They are:

periwinkle2/ Joanna will be in charge of the West Coast and the following states:

California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Nevada, Arizona, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Montana, Hawaii, Alaska

Laurel is covering the Central US and the following states:
Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Nebraska, N&S Dakota, Missouri, Mississippi, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Kansas

littlemitzik/ Kim :-) and dtomero/ Deanna will be handing the East Coast and the following states:

Kim- Alabama, Georgia, Florida, N&S Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Virginia, W Virginia.

Deanna- Maryland, DC, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine.

Payment would be via Paypal and I'm working on calculating fees :(

I can also send individually if you prefer...but please understand if I take a while, since I'm only one ;)
aahh, one important thing as well: I always send pictures of what I got you! :) and shipping has tracking code! :D

hmm...just one more thing.

If you happen to have ChG Spellbound or if you find it...I would totally send you like...any Brazilian polishes you want in exchange of that!! :DD hehe
(oh...and please be reasonable. like...5 would be acceptable, wouldn't you think? ;)

so, if you got this far and if you're still interested, please fill this form by SEPTEMBER 4TH:



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