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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Flakies! :D

Let's start with Ludurana ones! these are promo pictures:

aaand a real life picture of them (minus Relâmpago because I couldn't find it)
They are quite accurate, wouldn't you say?

Color descriptions:
Arco-Íris: multicolored flakies going from green to orange to blue, red and yellow!
Flash: green and yellow flakies, sometimes going orange.
Sol: red and yellow flakies flashing green.
Chuva: blue flakies, going on red and yellow sometimes.
Vento: green and blue flakies, leaning more towards green.
Trovão: green and blue flakies leaning more towards blue.
Relâmpago: multicolored flakies flashing more green and blue.

For nail swatches, please take a look at Nosso Vício post here.

I was able to find Relâmpago today! bottle pics:

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