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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Rivka holographic collection :)

This collection has 10 colors; they are all named after Gossip Girl or Sex & The City characters! Rivka is like the Brazilian Zoya, always naming polishes after women names! :)

1- Carrie – magenta with a hint of lilac. Reminds me of ChG BFF.
2- Blair 
– orangey pink, kinda coral. Reminds me of ChG TTYL.
3- Miranda – silver grey holo goodness. cousin to ChG OMG and likes.
4- Georgina 
– hot pink holo, reminds me of ChG QT.
5- Charlotte – a very light purple, leaning towards pink.
6- Jenny – the one I like the most! It's a charcoal grey holo, lighter than CC Revvvolution.
7- Samantha – a gorgeous deep teal shimmer. holo effect is not really noticeable on this one but it's still a wonderful color.
8- Serena – a light turquoise holo.
9- Vanessa – yellowed green holo. reminds me of ChG L8R G8R.
10- Lilly – very light blue holo.

Color descriptions from Unha Bonita.

Swatches (from @MulheresOdeiam):

For additional swatches, please refer to the following links:
Rivka Part 1
Rivka Part 2

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